Our Team

To continue our pace of research, we have recruited the most talented scientists in the world to join us.

The key to our success lies in exploring every potential avenue to a cure.

Thomas Kipps, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Hematology Malignancy Program
Director, Center for Novel Therapeutics
Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Michael Choi, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor

Benjamin Heyman, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Beth Lipski, B.A.

Executive Assistant

Laura Rassenti, Ph.D.

Full Project Scientist

George Widhopf, Ph.D.

Associate Project Scientist

Emanuela Ghia, Ph.D.

Associate Project Scientist

Kamrul Hasan, Ph.D.

Associate Project Scientist

Elvin Chu, B.S.

Informatic Manager

Monica Spydell, B.S.

Clinical Data Manager

Christine Gray, B.A.

Staff Research Associate

Charlene Gutierrez, B.S.

Staff Research Associate

Christopher Oh, B.A.

Staff Research Associate